Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Fangirling, Royal Obsessing and Saying Thank You

Despite the (rotating, not national) postal strike, it was a good week for my mailbox. It must have been my lucky trout.


Rhya posted about her new wolf zine recently and told her readers that if they were interested in one to leave a comment. I did and am so delighted with this exceptional mini zine. I have been mesmerized by her envelope diorama posts lately. I am a smitten kitten over this zine, Kitten face and Monster Factory. I think I may have developed a little fan-girl-crush.

I love the watercolour, the layers of texture and colour and the fact that most of her animals seem to have a little bit of stink-eye going on. They come equipped with a little attitude. They're my kind of animal.

I've been keeping track of all of my correspondence with Jessica Gowling and this is round four! Her packages are a delight to examine and devour and this time I almost stopped before opening the envelope... it was just that good. She sent me this wonderful package wrapped up in a royal themed, slightly cheeky, custom envelope. Seriously, it took some coaxing to get me to grab my x-acto and carefully open it. 

I have been infatuated with the royal family lately. I, like everyone else, was swept away by Will & Kate's wedding but it seemed even sweeter that my oldest daughter is nearly the exact same age I was when Diana married Charles and I remember being just as thrilled by every detail of that wedding. The only difference is that then my mom saved newspaper clippings for me to gaze at, and now we keep watching bits of the wedding from my PVR.

The awesome envelope (!!!) included her "who? HOO!" zine about owls, a hilarious sheet of paper with veggie stickers asking me if we could agree on any of the several listed (I'm Team Mushroom and she is, sadly, Team Brussels Sprouts) a piece of note paper with a viking ship to satisfy my love of all things nautical, a seriously cool sticker and a few sheets from some kind of illustrated, snarky school related book. I also received several bingo sheets which was a little funny to me. One of the last design jobs I did before leaving my job in Ottawa was to create custom designed bingo sheets for a company's promotion.


As a thank you for the world's most adorable Bee-Zine, I sent Hollie McManus a few items that I thought represent a bit about me. A stamp and watercolour postcard and a small mixed media piece. I included a set of nautical themed stickers (I must embrace all things nautical with a name like Saylor) as well as a clipping of a snail (oh my there are a lot of them out here) and flowers that I thought were quite pretty.


  1. Huge happy smiles! So glad it arrived...i am worried that this rotating strike will lose things! Also yay for a Jessica package and the outgoing looks awesome!

  2. :D i love how i have molded you into a mail-loving-envelope-making-postal-obsessed-creative QUEEN! thank you for gushing about the envelope! i appreciate the time you took to write this lovely post about one of my envelopes, fellow pen pal RHYAs zine & of course share what you're treating others to. FUN


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