Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Lesson Learned

I'd like to think that my over-confident vibes regarding the Canadian postal strike had nothing to do with it going from rotating to a full-blown national shutdown. If you believe in feng-shui, I hope you'll forgive me for writing and saying things as silly as "this strike is nothing, the mail is faster than ever" because, literally, the very next day the corporation locked out the union. Whoopsie-doodle. Merely a coincidence, yes, of course.

That said, I did get one piece of lovely mail and quite a few items managed to make their way to their destinations. 


Following Ezerd on Twitter is a joy. Not only am I enjoying all her "dang, dang, dangity dangs", but her contests are equal parts challenging and hilarious. A few weeks ago she was generous enough to send all the people who entered her contest a few pieces of her art, and I was a lucky recipient.


Ashley Gaia is an AMAZING printmaker and works at a bird sanctuary. She shares the most precious pictures of baby birds on Twitter and her passion and love for these creatures comes through in 140 characters or less. She asked for an exchange of bird related mail art and I happily agreed. I pulled together all sorts of bits from magazines, stamp collections, vintage books and a few of my art pieces. Next mail art swap I'll create more original art for her but I think she enjoyed this one as an introduction.

Sumi Senthi was the winner of my cork guessing contest. She was so incredibly close that I think she was three away from the actual number. I had just sent her a package in the mail but couldn't resist sending her a few more bits and bots to fill the box. I loved the Vermeer postcard as it reminded me of someone working on mail art. I'm hoping she'll be able to use the cork stamps in her sketchbook or mail art.

After laying on a serious amount of peer pressure to send a reply to Jessica Gowling (that girl is a mail art bully, beware. Kidding!!!) the package arrived not long before the strike. *Shakes fist in direction of mailbox* She was a bit distraught for not winning the cork contest, so I sent her six stamps along with some origami paper, a few original mixed medias (a bear and a sailboat) as well as a whack of clippings including a bear, deer, moose, polar bear, Lady Gaga and Hit Girl.

Perhaps now I've learned my lesson and I'll keep those silly comments to myself from now on. Word is that the strike won't last much longer, which is very good news as I have a few goodies to send and some great stuff coming my way.

... J

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  1. I can't believe they shut out the postal works so sad! I love that you still got some mail, I went to my old apartment to find mail for me. I needed a mail fix badly... ha ha
    I hope you had a great weekend and that the mail will start flowing your way soon!
    Much Love,


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