Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Mostly Outbound

I was very relieved to discover that our current postal strike is rotating rather than Canada-wide. Surprisingly, this has also not affected the speed because several of my letters and packages arrived exceptionally quickly.


Helen MacDonald from Jolly Good in Scotland sent me a a sweet package just when I needed a little pick-me-up. Her letter included a set of circus themed buttons and a map puzzle piece button. The circus buttons have a personal connection because when I'm very stressed and need to inject humour into the situation I always say "I've had it, I'm running away to join the circus." I think my daughter will go a little bananas for the puzzle button as she is a whiz at puzzles and has been coveting all my buttons for a while now. There were also two sweet postcards and a perfect little business card.


Michelle Ashton sent me a lovely package that I am STILL gazing at when I work in my studio. There was so much lovely in there I hope my reply did it justice. I put together a combination of what I'm working on now, something from my home, things from my archive and something 100% just for her.

A few animal stamps from a collection I've had for over 10 years, a bird clipping from a magazine, a set of sparkling stickers, a Japanese Maple leaf from my yard, a fuzzy 'M' and 'A', a stamp on Rolodex paper and a set of googly eyes.

A moscow clipping from the New Yorker, the original image transfer of a bear from her first mail art package and an original architectural drawing.  

I really like how this piece turned out. I have been sketching images of houses and buildings with roots lately so thought I'd apply it to a piece done just for her. I'm happy to report that it WAS a hit. She mentioned that she'd like to frame it and wrote a few sweet notes about it here.

Katie Whittington replied to my request to exchange mail art with some excellent treasure. I quickly got to work scavenging through my magazines and collections. I sent her a pressed Japanese Maple leaf from my yard, fuzzy initials, googly eyes, a cat and flower clipping, animal stickers and a rolodex print. I sent her a collection of blue buttons for our button swap and a picture of a gazelle with antlers to fill in the gap of the antler postcard she sent me.

I finished off the package with one of a series of mixed media pieces I've been working on. I have been playing with a Sharpie liquid pencil lately. I scribble a background then go back over it with the eraser soon after. The beauty of that pen is that if you wait too long, it turns permanent and can no longer be erased. I glued a watercolour and stamp octopus (yes, with only four tentacles he's not so octo) to the card to finish it off.

Anika Starmer from AisforAnika was the cork runner up in my cork stamp contest. I was ready to call her the winner the evening before but woke up to a tweet with an even closer guess. I've been eager to exchange mail art with her so took this opportunity to send her a package.

Along with six hand-carved stamps, I threw in sparkly butterfly stickers, googly eyes, fuzzy letters, four reptile picture stamps, origami strips to make stars, origami paper, Rolodex sheets and a few colourful clippings from magazines.

I'm a lucky recipient of one of her 20in20 paintings so I'm happy I crammed so much into this first package.  


Here's hoping the strike situation is quickly resolved, or at least doesn't escalate. I'm hoping next week's post will be heavy on the incoming side.

... J


  1. You put together great mail. I am still in awe over how amazing your drawing is! I doubt I can ever top that. Also, youll have to explain to me how the transfer works!

  2. LOOK AT YOU GO!!!!! so happy i introduced you to this epically awesome activity :D mail art forever

  3. Thank you so much! It's really been great to keep me actively creative with small, attainable deadlines. Plus it's FUN!

  4. Oh I love seeing these packages that you put together and reading the thoughtful reasons behind all the lovely little things. I adore mail, reading this makes me want to dig deeper in to the world of mail art!

    ps. Have you joined in the Creative Collective project for this month? I think it might be right up your alley! Details here -

  5. I hadn't signed up for it yet... but it just did! If you feel up for an exchange, you know where to find me on Twitter. :D


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