Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mail Art Monday: First Bits After the Strike

The first package of mail art I received after the postal strike was from the lovely Kimi Kobashi. It was absolutely worth the wait! 

The envelope was decorated with a sailboat made from a map (two of my favourite things) as well as a picture of a sleeping woman with flowers and bugs. Inside was a letterpress bookmark, Maker Faire stickers and buttons and postcards.

There was also a beautiful handmade mini journal in hot pink, origami paper and envelope, a set of stamps and flowers with tails -- all colour coordinated!

I can't wait to put a package together for Kimi! She's currently on a wonderful road trip and has been sharing tidbits of her sights on her Twitter. Perhaps by the time she returns there will be something special on its way to her.

Sadly there were no items delivered this past week, but I expect that will change and by next Monday it will be a much longer post.

... J


  1. I'm glad the strike is over...Have a great week! I'm going camping again!!!!!!

  2. Yay! Made it through! I'm so glad you liked it ~ definitely had a lot of fun putting that together for you. I've been missing our chats while I'm on this road trip, but I've got a lot of new things gathered to send your way next. :) Thanks for the sweet post! xo


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