Thursday, July 14, 2011

Botanical Silhouette Postcards

I recently joined Postcrossing as a way to add to the amount of interesting mail I receive and also to meet people across the world. While I don't mind buying postcards for individuals who prefer a card depicting my town, I find the majority of the selections a bit on the kitchy side. Whenever possible I'll send a postcard with some of my own work on it and I hope I find a few individuals who do the same.

The need for postcards seemed like the perfect opportunity to use some of my botanical silhouettes, use old paper I've had since college and test the print quality of our inkjet printer. I was a bit skeptical of how it would look but turns out I was pleasantly surprised. The colour and resolution are beautiful and I love the way the colours change based on the type of paper I used.

This is all excellent news as one of my goals is to open an Etsy shop. I've mentioned before that I am taking my time doing research on the business and materials end while finding and experimenting with my style. The success of these cards feels like I've checked a box off and I'm one small step closer.

... J


  1. I like them too! I bet you are learning all kinds of stuff...I have had an Etsy shop for a while (more than a year I think)..and I feel like a total beginner..I was thinking about given Ebay a whirl...

  2. Also...I haven't seen you on Twitter as much...are you there much?

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for the comment. I am still on Twitter. I just am not on very
    much on the weekends as we're doing things as a family or trying to
    get yard jobs done. I am also treating myself to an evening here and
    there watching a movie or a TV show I really like with a cup of tea
    after the kids are in bed or I work out -- either a run or a long walk.

    I'm finding I go in waves where I'll be online and in my studio a lot
    then I'll need a break and I close stuff up to or work offline.
    Anyhoo, still here, just taking some more me time here and there. :D

  4. I think that is moderate Twitter living..I go in waves too..and camping helps me keep a perspective on my online life. But I do value all the connections that I have made on Twitter and FB...and sometimes that is the only community that I have outside of my family...

    I need to work on building more actual person social groups...I bet there are artist women around my neighborhood who would love to meet for tea once a month or something..

  5. Those are beautiful. Love the images. Also, thanks for mentioning postcrossing. Am a lover of post - new ways to interesting post is always welcome :)

  6. You're very welcome, Lucy. Postcrossing has been quite fun. I'm looking into making more of my own postcards rather than buying the local ones. Are you involved as well?


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