Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Good Things Happen When I Complain

I was in a grumpy mood last Friday and tweeting a wish for a mailbox full of mail art to make me feel better. The universe answered my whine and rewarded me with three huge and wonderful packages from some awesome ladies.


Sumi Senthi was the winner of my cork stamp giveaway and I happily sent her the corks with a few extras with no expectation of receiving a thank you as grand as the one she sent me. The postal strike kept this package from me a little longer than it should have but it arrived safely. Thankfully, Sumi didn't have to send a search and rescue party.

Where do I begin with describing the awesome? Let's start with the wrapping. She wrapped it in brown shipping paper with a string around it which reminded me of vintage parcels and was a lovely touch. I opened the package to find a large assortment of wonderful bits and bobs in a hand sewn personalized felt box. The felt box reminded me of a tickle trunk because it was stuffed so full of wonderful things and it seemed bottomless.

There was a friendship bracelet, bird and rose buttons (I'm going to have the most beautifully adorned jacket in town), silly banz (which my daughter has absconded, but that's ok), a ribbon rose and bows and a very regal looking owl pendant.

There was also a small envelope packed with stamps (ooo, I smell a stamp exchange) and vintage tickets. A glow-in-the-dark star (fun!) topped off the trinkets.

A typed letter came in an envelope that had hand-drawn honey bees on it! It had a wax seal on the back and I seriously pondered never opening the envelope. It was just too beautiful to disturb. I very carefully trimmed the side and found a wonderful typed letter. I forgot how much I love typewritten letters, it's been ages. I think the last one I received was from my Grandpa for a birthday letter decades ago. There was also a sweet PS note that was hand-written. I love the juxtaposition of the two styles.

A Jenny Noscoe postcard, a yellow post it with a typography stamp pattern, a copy from a sketchbook page and a print of her robot. I love the sad, little robot. He's either a little disappointed in the rain and he's 'missing a few screws' or he's been put back together and is pondering the always present few screws that are left over. Always seems to happen to me when I put something back together, too.

Heedless Ceramics sent me a lovely cityscape magnet. I have been coveting her cityscape pieces since I began following her and am excited to own one. It will be placed high on the refrigerator, at eye level for me and out of the way of little hands.

The postal strike put a crimp in the plans for Creative Collective's June Snail Mail Swap. My first package to arrive was from Eva Harvey, part of the Bunny Sisters. The envelope was packed full of items I could use to create some of my own crafts; buttons, tags, music sheet hearts, doilies, crochet flowers and a mermaid stamp. There was a also a bunting card and a well-designed matchbox. I was just saying the other day we needed some matches. Sweet!


Helen MacDonald at Jolly Good Studio received my thank you for her colourful mail art package this week. I sent her some origami paper, a mixed media piece of houses on the sea, a couple of stamped rolodex cards, googly eyes, a postcard, furry initial stickers and a few flowers and feather clippings. I also sent along a Polaroid frame.

The film I had moved at least half a dozen times for over 10 years didn't withstand my abuse. When I tried to take pictures, they came out with dried emulsion and general weirdness. Never one to casually waste things, I cut out the frame and have sent it along to a few people with the hopes that they'll make their own 'framed Polaroids'. I'm going to post my random Polaroid framed pictures this week.

Two of the three envelopes that I put together for Creative Collective's swap arrived at their destinations this week. I had a lot of fun putting these packages together. I finally got around to trying my hand at creating my own envelopes, thanks to Jessica Gowling's suggestion. I used thick paper from a thrifted German atlas and created hand-drawn mailing labels.
Inside the envelopes were three postcards I created. One of my botanical silhouettes, one silhouette using my old film camera and one created from a picture of my much loved antique globe. I finished off the package with some stickers, an origami crane, a Polaroid 'say cheese' frame, a rolodex stamp card and a small print from my cork stamps on a sheet of natural paper.

For Andrea Stewart

For Miranda Grange

Now I  need to get my act together and send some thank you packages and replies so my friends can get rid of their grumpies after checking their mailbox. 

... J


  1. Where is my packet? Darned postal strike! I hope you get it soon!
    Great swag, btw- I love the sad robot!

  2. Yay! "brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things..." I love your envelopes by the way!! <3

  3. Christa SunderlandJuly 11, 2011 at 5:21 PM

    Very cute :) I wish I could send and receive mail art one day *sighs*

  4. Cool Mail and glad that you love the magnet :)


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