Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Say Cheese - for Polaroid Week

When digging out all of my art supplies after our move and setting them up in my studio I found my old Polaroid 600 series camera. I had never used it much, mostly for the odd shot here and there in college. I also rediscovered my black and white film! I was so excited with big plans for taking pictures of the blossoms on our tree. 

The film was about 10+ years old and had been moved at least half a dozen times in all sorts of weather. I think the abuse was too much for it as the pictures exited the camera with dried emulsion and general wonkiness. It seemed like such a shame to simply chuck it out so I cut out the inside and decided to reuse the frame. I've sent a few along for mail art exchanges and kept a couple for my own hijinks. Here are the results of my experiments with my polaroid frame.


I was planning on posting these pictures this week anyway but them stumbled on the fact that it is Polaroid week! Even though these aren't proper instant pictures, I'm honouring the style of the beloved instand film.

... J


  1. That's a really great idea - love it :)

  2. Christa SunderlandJuly 14, 2011 at 5:45 AM

    That is a cute idea :)

  3. that's really fun! i used some expired film, and had some odd results too. some were kind of interesting & salvageable but others were junk. I think I still kept them though (also thought it a shame to just chuck them), so I'll have to see if I can dig them up & try this!

  4. how interesting!!! that is a great idea kimi. there is something about the square format of polaroid that makes imagery look so good. I had some expired film, yet made use of it: I took photos that were over exposed and then used a qtip & drew right onto the image as it developed - the drawn areas get pushed down to the emulsion which sticks to the film and ends up looking like a dark, drawn line. so you are actually drawing with the FILM not with a pen or whatever... not sure if I explained that well, but point being, even expired, polaroid film has a lot of potential

  5. I've done that too, in college but gave all my pics away. That was when they were still producing the film and it wasn't as precious. Had I known, I would have kept it. We also burned areas with lighters or (old school) car cigarette lighters. That was a neat effect too. This last set I had came out crusty and hard so no amount of anything would fix it. When I tore it apart I liked the frame and then I did something neat with the inside. Kimi Kobashi will get the first look at that in her mail art package. :D

  6. Jess @ Brown Paper BunnyJuly 14, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    I love it, so cute!!


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