Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Silhouettes and Seeds

Not a single piece of mail art arrived in my box this week but I was happy to hear that several packages made their way to their new home.

On my second round exchanges with Sumi, I stuffed a bunch of items into a fish illustration page from an encyclopedia. In this envelope was a Phlox and Frond silhouette, stamps print, a kitty illustration on shiny paper, a snowflake tag, a seed illustration and a small brown envelope full of sparkly bits and bots.

Sumi was the first to receive something new I came up with. I thought I'd try something different with my clippings from magazines and so I elevated them by framing them. I illustrated a frame on some thick paper, cut out the center and glued down my found clipping. A tiny bit of French text to finish it off.

I sent Russelle at Heedless Ceramics a thank you for the lovely cityscape magnet she sent me recently. I found a beautiful image of a spiderweb in an evergreen for an envelope and I filled it with a horse clipping (one in a frame and one on its own), a stamp print, a Phlox and Frond silhouette an "oh shiitake mushrooms" card, a "you are important" rolodex card and a note inside a custom made card.

 I was so excited and a touch intimidated to kick-off the first exchange with Anna Jane Searle. I really admire her work so I put together a package I thought might fit her style. A picture of two lizards formed the perfect envelope and I added speech bubbles for the addresses. I got the idea for that detail from an envelope Jessica Gowling sent to me. I forgot to take a picture of it, but luckily Anna remembered. Stuffed inside was a Coneflower and camera silhouette, a stamp print, a Kon'nichiwa clipping frame, "blarg" card, rolodex card and a handwritten note.


As an admirer of Emily Orpin's blog I jumped at the chance to exchange mail art. I created a bird envelope and stuffed it with Coneflower & Frond silhouettes, a bird inspired clipping frame, a "blarg" card, stamp prints, fuzzy initials, googly eyes a pencil sketch of a maple seed on a watercolour wash and a letter written on a handmade card.

I often like to create something original in my mail art packages. Emily had written about maple trees in her neighbourhood and I have at least three different kinds around my house. I have quite the collection of found items, including maple seeds, on my desk so I took this opportunity to sketch the seed. I penciled in the sketch with the intention of going back into it with ink. The more detail I gave it with the pencil the more I liked it as it was, soft and delicate.

I'm hoping to find a little mail art love in my mailbox this week but if I don't, I don't mind. I have three more fat envelopes to send away this week and I can't wait for them to reach their new home and make someone's day a little happier.

... J


  1. You are such a doll! I love the handmade envelope it was so beautiful that I wouldn't have guessed it was handmade...thankyou for the lovely note and the sweet things that you sent me...I don't get alot of mail so all of this will be on my bulletin board by my ceramic tables..although I think the stamps..I am going to glue to my travel sketchbook...thanks for the lovely mail hugs.

    I would be going to the post office today with a package for you my dear, but the things I was going to mail are locked in the RV with my carkeys and my toothbrush....its one of those days I guess..but hopefully I will get this package out soon...hugs!!

    Thankyou for brightening up my life :)

  2. Beautiful items, as I've come to expect! :) I love the new 'frames' series and of course your silhouette prints ~ still a big fan!

  3. You do great mail art! I love how you really consider the person you are sending it to and go the extra mile to make things special.


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