Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mail Art Monday: A Flickr Friend Swap

Masha Andreyeva found me on Flickr and was interested in a mail art exchange. I kicked it off with a variety of items including three silhouettes, which she really liked, a sketch of mushrooms, an 'I'm puzzled' clipping tag, a mountains framed clipping, and a personalized name sticker. Inside the large handmade feline envelope a mini star envelope contained stamps, googly eyes, an M (well, a W, but I was all out of furry M's) and a few shaped figures.

Masha asked me to go through her photostream and chose any so she could send me prints. It was hard to chose only a few because she has fantastic collection of close ups of natural elements. The colours are gorgeous and I hope to use them for inspiration on paintings or for colour palettes in my work.

Thank you Masha! I look forward to checking in on your future pictures to see your photographic exploration unfold.



  1. What is that blue pic of? It almost looks like coral (strange color for it, but still).

  2. I'm not sure either! I just loved the texture and the colour so much I had to request a print. :D


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