Thursday, September 15, 2011

Painting Cards - Part 1

Summer seemed to sweep right by and before I knew it, it was mid September and I had either missed several birthdays or they were quickly approaching. Rather than pop a store bought card in the mail with a sorry note, I decided to paint my own postcards in the hopes that handmade will equal forgiveness. 

For my friend's daughter's first birthday, I painted her name in a medley of colours. My daughter included a drawing of her own and I topped it off with a little letter sealed with a sea turtle sticker.

As an extention of my mail art and because I am sort of obsessed, I made another handmade envelope and label. The paper was taken from a DesignEdge Magazine's Awards Annual which has some gorgeous spreads and thick paper.

I have several more postcards in the works which I will post about soon. Perhaps after I get through this batch, I'll do a few more so they can arrive on time. Shocker!

... J


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