Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sketchbook Project: Three Spreads Down

I'm participating in the Arthouse Coop's Sketchbook project again. Last year was such a joy. I had a lot of fun putting it together and met some really great people. This year I chose the theme "Ask Me How I Can Help" and I am interpreting this as advice spreads from older me to younger me.

This year I am off to a much slower start. By this time last year I was over half way done the entire sketchbook. Luckily there are less pages in the 2012 edition. I'm hoping to devote a great deal of time to it this Autumn so it's finished before Christmas takes over.

I read this phrase on Twitter ages ago and it applies as a reminder to pay attention, slow down and don't over share.

Last year's sketchbook had thin paper that bled through easily. While that often made some really interesting effects I decided to eliminate this on a few spreads by adding a thin layer of gesso first. It also created a nice texture on the paper. After that I sketched, painted with watercolour and then added ink.

It's not just me who learns by trial and error, right? I learned not to take shears and hairstyle decisions into my own hands right before the school pictures were taken. This spread had a gesso layer with a different texture than the one above. Watercolour and stamps from an eraser I carved.

I often have mini conversations in my head. Inner monologues, if you will. One side is usually the emotionally driven, worrying side and the other is the very quiet voice of reason. I had been fretting for a while about my eyes until I finally got around to a checkup. Turns out I only need to look away from the computer more often.

It's hard to tell in this photo but the glasses, speech bubbles and background all have different shades of gold and a slight sparkle.

I'm three spreads in and there are many more to go. Time to get crack-a-lacking!!



  1. The billboard advice is all too true, & I've had the joy of learning #2, but the glasses one is just brilliant! You did a great job of catching the ever present dialogue in our heads! Love it!

  2. The hair pattern is so great! I love it! It should be wallpaper in a barbershop. :D

  3. These are totally em :)


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