Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm a Winner

A few weeks ago I lamented the loss of my Chinatown teapot. I had no idea why it made me so sad that the fairly unremarkable pot had broken, but it did. A few days later Russelle let me know that I had won her Summer Mug Giveaway. While it's not a full replacement for a teapot, I am currently loving having a very generous portion of green tea in the afternoon.

The intricately designed mug has a Portland city scene and is glazed in a subtle and beautiful shade with purple undertones. There are buildings, trees a waterfront pathway illustrated as well as people jogging, playing and riding bikes. There's also a sneaky space ship thrown in for good measure.

A mug and delicious green tea.
Besides being able to fill my system with antioxidants from copious amounts of yummy green tea, I love that there are little hidden details like the building impressions behind the handle.

Thanks again!!

The story of the mug
Evidence of happy tea consumption
Your turn to enter to win something special

... J


  1. Very nice photos of Russelle's mug ~ all the little details must be fun to examine while enjoying your tea. And speaking of tea... think I'll go have a cup! Enjoy!

  2. So awesome!!! she is just as much a drawer as a ceramist. beautiful mug! lucky girl!

  3. Carol | @imsilverfeatherSeptember 28, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    Wow! It's so beautiful. So many details. She is such a talented lady. How lucky you are. : )

  4. Thanks, Kimi. It is a fantastic mug. I'm very fortunate to have one!

  5. She's a talented lady!! :D

  6. A talented AND sweet lady. I'm fortunate to call her a friend.

  7. Congrats on your win and that is a very pretty mug :)

  8. Thanks Christa. :-)

  9. Perfect timing! I love kismet!! And the mug is so fun, with it's hidden gems-I'm glad you won!


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