Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Surprise Gifts and Fast Slugs

I started my week off by cleaning and organizing my mail art. I made special folders containing letters, stickers, stamps, items to reuse (like paper & clippings) and items I'd like to put into a journal or frame. This gave me a fresh outlook on the packages I put together this week and more room to spread out and appreciate the goodies that arrived in my postbox.


The incredibly kind Kye Sangha sent my daughter her own little mail art package with a sweet bunny card, a vintage Hallowe'en tag, a butterfly necklace and a googley-eye love doodle.

The stamps are adorable and I've trimmed them and set them aside for her own little collection. This arrival is timed perfectly as her birthday is just around the corner and her grandmother gave her her very first jewelry box. Kye can expect a kid thank you doodle card in the mail in the coming weeks.

My first package from Carol Whitley arrived and literally blew me away. The package, adorned with ship stamps and an illustrated anchor was packed with an incredible amount of stickers, tags, cards, envelopes, pretty paper, postcards, original art, a feather, postcards, magnets and markers.

I think I will colour in the insects and post one in each of my daughter's rooms so they can share my incredible mail art spoiling.


The slow moving slug on Russelle Adams' envelope didn't slow it down and it arrived in excellent time. I tucked in some more horse images, a few galaxy clippings and a funny tag, stamps, fuzzy initials, four doodle pages and a frond silhouette.

I'm taking a small mail break from posting about mail art. Next post will likely be on October 17th (I still cannot believe September has come and gone).

... J


  1. I would be totally blown away by that massive goodie package too. I love the insects you can colour in. I want that butterfly necklace, so darn cute.

  2. Fun postal treats!!! Carol also recently spoiled me, and I am now nervous to reply since it was so epic! Are those 3 nautical items at the bottom left coasters or magnets? They look awesome! Kye is one of the most THOUGHTFUL people I have ever met. how kind of her to send such sweet things for your daughter. Sorry to hear you're taking a break from posting! Chronicling mail art is a lot more work than people understand... I have been waffling over putting mail art aside, or spending a day or 2 conquering a long reply list. It's a wavering battle I constantly fight :P Enjoy your week off Jeannine and I'll read about mail art in mid October...

  3. I'm so excited to use so many parts of that large package from Carol! I'm hoping I can create a worthy reply to her!

  4. Thanks, Jessica! I'm totally apprehensive about my reply to Carol as well. It was so thoughtful, plentiful and amazing that I fear she'll be disappointed by my reply. Eep! Just a small break while I'm enjoying a fun long weekend. I have had to give myself 1-2 week long breaks from replying so that I can work on other pieces or feel refreshed and come up with new ideas. I want the process to be fun and not a chore. If I find it becoming that I work on something else or watch a movie in my downtime instead. The square nautical/beach items are magnets! I've now reconsidered and will likely put up some magnet boards as well as cork board in my studio.

  5. I love Carols envelopes-they're like the Tardis, & so much bigger on the inside than they technically should be! Glad the envelope for your little one is timely :)


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