Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sketchbook Project: Layers

As I've discovered over the years, the ones with the hard, crusty shell often need the most love.

I used the heart cut outs from the other spread to help with the theme of this spread. A light wash of watercolour then a few sheets of origami paper were layered. Held in place with glue and kept in position with a circular cut.

Peeling back the first layer to find another sheet of origami paper.

The last layer was delicate rice paper and you get a hint of the illustration.

An anatomical heart to go with the symbolic hearts.

Using my red and black pens to create a small anatomical heart.



  1. LOVE!!...its so sweet!! Just like you are :)

  2. Such a clever idea Jeannine - really effective. I'm a big fan of the pop up book, and lifting tags to find treasures beneath. Love your hand writing too - its beautiful : )

  3. Enjoying following along as your sketchbook takes shape. This one is really nice with the layers and the heart at the end. I like the punched out hearts on the other page as well. Lovely!

  4. Thanks Kimi! I cut the hearts out by hand. They're not perfect, but also not too bad either.


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