Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mail Art Monday: The Epic Version

I had no idea that skipping a week of my mail art posts would trigger the arrival of a large amount of packages thus creating such an epically long post. I've kept the writing brief and the photos interesting. Sit back with some tea and enjoy a peek at the lovely mail I received and my friends received from me.


Rhya sent me her most recent and adorable zine. The bunny zine with pages of sweet bunny antics including hopping, sleeping and partying.

Katie has been very busy lately, which can be a good thing, especially if it's with good work. She found a slice of time to pull together a sweet package which included macrame clippings, a crochet doilie, a neat magnet, some vintage fabric and another round of our button swap.

Kye sent me a special package after one for my daughter arrived. The envelope was adorned with the best ship stamps and the contents were equally impressive. There were many envelopes within envelopes which made me feel as though I was treasure hunting. Inside included postcards, vintage book pages, original art, and a pair of twig pencils.

Anna seems to be outdoing herself with each package she sends. My jaw hit the floor when I saw this gorgeous nautical themed specimen box. As well as this amazing treasure, Anna sent many vintage book pages, cards and clippings, stamps, handmade compass stickers and three typed notes.


I've been creating a bunch of mini envelopes for my mail art recipients and Anika received four beauties. Each one contained a few interesting bits including vintage stamps, snow punches doxie stickers and a watercolour and pen disc.

I also included a phlox silhouette, a couple of original sketches, paper ephemera and a copy of an old sketchbook drawing.

I was relieved to hear that Emily shares my quirky sense of humour and enjoyed the 'hugging' skunks on her envelope. Inside she found several mini envelopes with stamps, stickers and a watercolour disc, as well as a snowflake and 'ahoy' stamp sheet, and a copy of a drawing from an old sketchbook.

Dana received an original watercolour that was painted from a picture she had sent me from her beautiful garden. I also sent along a phlox silhouette, a scissor stamp sheet, an 'ahoy' sheet and a 'der tweeten' clipping tag. Inside two mini envelopes I included a few paper flowers and stickers.

I was so sad to hear that my last package to Michelle seems to have been lost along the way. I was a little apprehensive about sending this package as I found the perfect vintage Russian stamps and quirky bear clipping. Thankfully it arrived along with a raindrop stamp sheet, flower print and a sketchbook print.

After about three months and two returned envelopes, Ezerd's envelope finally busted through her invisibility shield (which was preventing her post-person from finding her house). Perhaps it took me finally remembering to take pictures of the contents that put luck in my favour on my third try. Whatever it was, she finally got to see the first fancy envelope, space stickers, the "Urinetown" and space rocker clipping and my blarg card.

... J


  1. WOW!!!! So much goodness here. I'm so pleased you like your package from me. I know all things ships tinkle your fancy :) I am in love with all your miniature envelopes and your drawings are lovely. I love the glittery polar bear sticker and the picture of the bear doing some sort of acrobatics is hilarious, lol

  2. I'm so glad the mail didn't get lost this time! The little envelopes full of wee treasures are adorable. I loved everything! x

  3. Also what Kye sent you is flippin Brillaint. I want those ship stamps :)

  4. Oh that specimen box! Be still my heart!

  5. You really did a great job with the watercolor of my photograph! I LOVE it! And I was gushing over the tiny envelops (especially the one with the fish - I'm a Pisces). Thank you sooo much!
    I must say...I feel a bit intimidated by all of these fabulous packages...I guess I need to step up my game ( : 0

  6. Wow almost a dozen different packages! Such pretty things.... I see a mail art "PRINCESS" following in the footsteps of "the queen"...

  7. It was such a busy and wonderful two weeks. We've been making 'cards' for friends and grandparents lately so there's definitely a little mail art development brewing with the wee one.

  8. Thank you, Dana! I love the idea of this being a continuing series. I scanned the flower & have been giving it out as cards here and there with some sweet, positive feedback.

    I'm a Pisces too!! We are bonded as aquatic friends. :D

  9. I know! She did such a great job, didn't she?!

  10. Thanks, Rhya! I feel very fortunate to know such amazingly talented ladies.

  11. The stamps are gorgeous, aren't they?! Both you and Kye said sweet things about each others work. :D

  12. Mammoth post indeed! All amazing packages but that one from Anna is especially amazing! Wowee! Love that specimen box so very much!

    And thank you for my wonderful package, the skunks did indeed bring a much needed smile to my day :)

  13. Yes, Anna is hugely talented & spoiled me with such a wonderful gift.

    I'm happy you liked the skunks. They made me chuckle too.


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