Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Arrivals

The other day I stumbled on two nearly finished envelopes for Jessica and Carol when I was trying to clean my studio and decided to finish them up and send them off. I was happy to hear that they arrived this week and happier that I can revive the Mail Art Monday posts.

Jessica received my mail art package the very same day I placed an order with her Etsy shop for some Christmas gifts. Jessica's last few mail art packages for me have been so amazingly generous and beautiful that I decided to dig deep into my personal stash of tidbits that I had marked as keepers. The three vintage wildlife stamps had nature's my friend written all over it as did the barn owl card. The Lone Ranger card was part of a really awesome paper promo I snagged while I was a full time designer. I also included a frog card, a mini envelope to house the stamps, initial letraset stickers, a grasshopper illustration, a bookmark and an India stamp doodle.

Check out the rest of Jessica's mail art adventures this week on her blog.

Carol Whitley sent me such an epic package I had some anxiety putting together something she might like in return. I opted for a selection of items that told a little bit about me, my taste and humour as well as a few items I thought would appeal to her. My favourite piece is the original 'ahoy' illustration. It's a pencil drawing of a boat over water and text stamps. The water is from my cork stamps and the 'ahoy' is from my carved erasers. I also made a polka dot polka sheet, a stamp enlargement doodle and a bookmark. I included handmade letraset initial stickers, fuzzy initials, star stickers, vintage stamps in a mini envelope, a feather silhouette and a frog card. I packed it all up in a custom envelope made with a page from my design magazine and a letter in a card from Anika.



  1. Thank you again for the etsy order & the postal treats. the mail art was unexpected having heard you tweet that you were too busy to do much of it. Digging into the keepers stash is appreciated. I have actually been saving up a lot of vintage canadiana for some sketchbook ideas I have, so the stamps and the barn owl are happy additions to a few other gems I have saved. Might I mention I really appreciate the time you take to edit these lovely photo montages - as a gal who writes weekly mail art posts, I know how time consuming typing and photo editing can be - you capture your packages beautifully. all the best, Jess

  2. You're very, VERY welcome. I won't be able to make it a 100% handmade Christmas, but there will be a lot from myself and my artisan friends.
    I had started some mail art and then realized I was so incredibly far behind on the sketchbook I set it aside. Three weeks later I felt like I should finish it up and send it off so it would stop weighing on my mind. It was a nice distraction from other things.

    It does take extra time to create the montages, but I like the look of them and I enjoy playing with lighting, my camera and photoshop. Keeps my skills up-to-date. :-)

  3. I love both of these packages of goodies. I love the stamps and illustrations especially.

  4. Thanks, Anna! :D


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