Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For the Tooth Fairy

Ready for the Tooth Fairy

My daughter's recent trip to the Dentist led to the discovery of her first wiggly tooth! On our way home we stopped at a craft store and I let her pick out the felt and ribbon. That evening I made a simple tooth door hanger so we'll be well prepared when the Tooth Fairy arrives.

There is a small pocket on one side for the tooth and a large pocket on this side for money. What's the going rate for the Tooth Fairy? I believe I received twenty-five cents, but there has been a tiny bit of inflation since the 80s. Is a dollar enough and perhaps a little extra for each tooth thereafter?

~ jeannine



  1. This pillow definitely brings back memories of the one my Mom made me when I was younger! Styles have changed (mine had more of a "Little House on the Prairie" vibe) and yes, teeth have become an expensive commodity... or so I've heard from my students. Though it seems that the Tooth Fairy's rate of exchange now fluctuates from house to house.

  2. Very sweet! The stitching and colors are perfect and I think a pillow with pockets hanging on the door is much smarter than the under-the-pillow method we've always used (which it makes it much harder for the tooth fairy to make the exchange). Congrats on your little one's first wiggly tooth!

  3. Thanks, Kimi! Since this post, she lost the tooth and this door hanger worked perfectly! A coin and a note fit nicely and she was very excited.

  4. Thanks, Barbara! She lost her tooth!! The door hanger worked nicely and she was overjoyed with a loonie and a note from the Tooth Fairy.


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