Monday, January 7, 2013

Handmade Gifts Part 2

Lavender Bath Salts


I have several kinds of lavender plants in my garden and so I planned to put together some scented bath salts using my flower buds and some essential oil. I was hoping to find a local shop that carried the oil and in my research I discovered that I live a mere 20 minute drive from an organic lavender farm! Huzzah!

A quick stop turned into a family trip and a small purchase turned into a gift of pumpkins for each of my girls from the generous gardener, Lynda. We roasted the pumpkins and made several batches of pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin cookies. She asked us to return in the spring and she'll give each girl their own tomato plant. I foresee several more varieties of lavender in my garden in the coming years.

The recipe for the bath salts was simple. Epsom salts and a dozen drops of oil. A few buds and a hearty shake to mix them up. Top of the jar, seal it up and package as desired. I stamped the kraft paper with a snowflake stamp and white ink and finished it off with a small drawing on each jar.

Making these gifts has inspired me to continue making handmade presents each year. Do you make any of your gifts? Please share your story! I'd love to hear what you made.



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  1. If I try really hard, I can smell the lavender in my head...and it's lovely! We made carrot cake jam for the masses (with adorable carrot tea towels from Superstore) and personal stamps for Chris's side of the family. There's a great guy in town here who turns them around within a day. They turned out pretty cool, but all the design time was before I got sick. Everyone else got store-bought presents...


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