Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LE Sketchbook: Goodbye Routine

bags by the door
calls the cab
wait near the door
furtive glances out the window
the car is here
kiss goodbye
door closes
we're at the window to wave goodbye

The goodbye routine of double-checking, watching and waves. Also the storm before the calm as there's always a commotion before the final departure. Watercolour and ink.

See the rest of my Limited Edition Sketchbook pages.



  1. Oh gosh, this is wonderful! Your hand drawn fonts and placement are seriously fab, and as my life is full of goodbyes this sad, sweet, nervous routine is all too familiar to me...

  2. Thank you, Emily. Sad, sweet and nervous is a perfect description. Melancholy, too.

  3. I just read Emily's comment before starting to type mine but she's summed it up all too well - so Ditto! Although my husband and I aren't apart for long lengths of time the rest of both our families live interstate - fortunately we manage to see a few of them every so often but farewelling them is always sad - particularly both my Mum and Mother in law, for both us and the kids.

  4. Thank you, Chantal. It's such a tender and melancholy moment, isn't it?


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