Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Card

My oldest child is four and attends preschool. This is the first year she needs a stack of personalized Valentine's Day cards. In the past she's coloured sheets and cards for us but this is the first occasion that cards are being distributed outside our family circle.

I may have become a little extra excited and designed them without much of my, erm, client's input. Luckily, my client is pretty easy-going and thought they looked 'neat'. While Sydney would have been delighted with pink on pink with a side of pink, I opted for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Grey. She cooperated for the mini photoshoot and smiled while looking directly into the camera, which is a rarity lately. I picked a few fun fonts, added a zig zag texture and away we go!

I made envelopes for the card with a heart-shaped cork stamp, red ink and sheets of blank paper. I cut out envelopes and together we signed her name, picked some fun stickers and sealed the envelopes.

Next year we'll get my little bean to help a bit more in the process. Hopefully we'll continue our working relationship for many cards and years to come. Hehe.



  1. Aw so cute! I LOVE your cork stamps!

  2. Thanks! I need to do some more carving and using my cork stamps. I believe I may have more corks than I started with for my giveaway!

  3. lovely!! We made handmade valentines this year (and last)...with kids...great memories for them...and us

  4. I used to do valentines with my girls when they were little. So much fun! It's really great that you did your own thing instead of opting for a box from the market!

  5. Thanks! It is pretty fun. What did you do for cards? Some printmaking?

  6. Thanks! I had the paper, supplies and time to whip up a little something. Plus, I LOVE designing cards.


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