Monday, February 13, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Royals and Originals

Two wonderful and generous packages arrived this week. Each one was as lovely and unique as the sender.

Jessica Gowling sealed her royal adorned envelope with washi tape and clear instructions NOT to tear open, but to gently peel the tape. Inside I found medical book pages, a bee pattern print, the most adorable hippo and giraffe family cards, map stickers, a hand-typed letter and some additional washi tape. As always, Jessica chose a pair of cool stamps from her epic collection.

A sweet collection of goodies

The envelope was actually a Charles & Diana fold-out sheet with a plethora of classic 80s style and imagery. Ah, the fuzzy portraits, puffed sleeves and awkward poses. The best discovery would have to be the blue polka-dot dress which included a large, matching hair bow of a lady in waiting (perhaps?) adjusting Diana's train. 

Royal Nostalgia Bonanza!

I recently met Barbara Wanhill and we agreed to exchange mail art. I feel a tad overwhelmed by the beautiful items and her insane generosity! Upon opening the envelope I found two gorgeous bee photos, several colourful insect stamps, a watercolour specimen and several sets of prints!

I audibly ooo'd at the bee photos

A set of seeds, stickers and tea were accompanied by a sheet from a sketchbook of a coffee cup I recognize from the area. A very sweet letter on Bee stationery was included and, I must say, teachers have the world's best handwriting! I feel inspired to poke around some of my old sketchbooks to see if there are any gems I'd like to send her way in return.

Original prints!

Barbara and I connected via Jessica so it's just perfect that I received a package from both of these wonderful ladies in the same week. I hope Jessica knows that she's brought a lot of happiness to so many people. Not only by our contact with the outgoing girl herself, but by making connections to so many other thoughtful and creative individuals.

... J


  1. Beautiful! I really love Barbara's original drawing. It looks sepia?

  2. <3 thank you for these kind words Jeannine! In just the past year I have been happily surprised that some of my creative friends who had never done mail art before, are now addicted to it and have amassed many pen pals. To share an activity/hobby that has been close to my heart for half a decade and watch how it has positively influenced people's lives is such a rewarding experience. I get a little tingle of joy knowing that when mail art envelopes arrive in a few people's letterboxes (despite whether i sent it or not) that I was the initial catalyst for it. One of my favorite sayings is "give credit where credit is due" and you have always thanked me for bringing the joy of snail mail into your life. I appreciate this so much. I love that we are pen pals, and that we have traded probably over a dozen envelopes by now and that we are NO WHERE NEAR DONE sending. Amazing how well we've gotten to know each other in just the past 12 months with the inclusion of letter writing. Thank you for this wonderful friendship.

  3. Sumi, I believe it's an etching!!! Barb also gifted me a lovely little intaglio print in my last package.

  4. Ah shucks... and thank YOU for the friendship! HUGS!!

  5. What beautiful packets! Love that 80's camp and all things bee related :)

  6. I'm not sure if any other decade can compete with 80s camp. It was a unique era. :-)


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