Friday, February 10, 2012

Washi Paper Paintings

This past winter I have really felt the cold and I find myself choosing to read or watch a movie in front of the fireplace in the evenings rather than working in my studio. My art time has then been limited to the coveted quiet/nap time in the afternoon. Working with natural light has helped both my mood and design but has meant that I have less art time each day. In my need to create and desire to accomplish something, I've been making very quick washi paper watercolour doodles.

I choose a palette of colours, pencil in a collection of swirls or an object and paint. The washi paper absorbs the watercolour and doesn't allow for much layering. The colours are surprisingly vibrant and it holds up to me adding ink once it's dry.

Round Legs


Anatomical Heart

I have found these quick paintings immensely satisfying and entirely fun. All too often I ponder and plan and I rarely just do and play.

Do you find more satisfaction in quick studies or large, planned projects?



  1. I definitely prefer quick studies, I get bored quickly. I love the diamond one.

  2. I saw these images on your Flickr account and was intrigued. Thanks for sharing your process -- good inspiration for working spontaneously. (The round legs one is really whimsical!)

  3. Thank you so much, Barbara!

  4. Your pics looks like 3d images..your blog is very attractive and much informative I think you are a great Artist...I have got so many tip about painting from your blog,you are doing a great job thanks for sharing.keep it up,
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  5. Very lovely! I like them all, but especially the first two that seem very spontaneous. Coincidentally, I have just received a huge amount of washi paper. Perhaps I'll try something along this line and send you one. :) It looks like fun and I think I'd enjoy the smaller scale and feeling of "play". :)

  6. Thanks, Kimi! I feel another session of a few this week or next. I may do some in between working on my LE sketchbook.

  7. ooo washi paper sounds interesting! Love the patterns!

  8. Thanks, Sumi! It was part of a Christmas gift years ago with a Chinese Ink set. I thought I'd play around and see how watercolour would work on it.

  9. I really like the diamonds one!
    As for preferance, I don't really have one. I used to only do what could be done in a session, or a weekend. But living with someone else has helped me gain a little discepline, so I'm doing more long term projects... I think it's making me a better artist, but who am I to judge?

  10. Sounds like a good balance. When inspiration strikes, I like to take my time with a single piece. I do like to dabble so I find I'm often doing many little projects that aren't terribly time consuming.

  11. Martina VišnjićMarch 21, 2012 at 2:40 AM

    I just find your lovely blog! I like your watercolour doodles.

  12. Thank you, Martina! Welcome!! :)


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