Monday, February 6, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Sunshine and Ducks

This past week has seen some lovely, mild weather with clear blue skies. Since we're all feeling so happy it was icing on the cake that one of my packages arrived in a friends mailbox while a bit of paper sunshine arrived in mine.

Jill Griffin received the first package in our burgeoning mail swap. The duck envelope was stuffed with a lily print, fern silhouette card, handmade as well as star and circle stickers, 'Jill' fuzzy stickers and a few bits of paper ephemera.

Rhya Tamasauskas hinted at a package called 'paper sunshine' coming my way. It arrived this week on a beautiful, warm sunny day. The wee envelope arrived in a small paper pocket. It's often hard to get a good idea of scale in photos so I took a picture with my chapstick. See? So wee and really wonderful!

I'm looking forward to another week of sunshine!



  1. I loved my paper sunshine too! Rhya always makes the CUTEST things! I giggled a little when I noticed you used the BEE Lip Balm I Mail arted to you for the SCALE comparison! hehe. I used some stickers you gifted me recently and plastered them all over a mail art envelope for a friend. YAY old mail art treats cycle their way back into new mail art posts!

  2. Rhya makes the most cheerful things! It's always a treat!

  3. She really, really does!


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